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Simon Benetton
Simon Benetton biography
Simon Benetton biography
Simon Benetton biography
Simon Benetton biography
Simon Benetton biography
Simon Benetton biography
Simon Benetton biography
Simon Benetton biography

Biography of Simon Benetton

Simon Benetton was born on 24th October 1933 in Treviso and lived until 14th October 2016.

He was an Italian sculptor, painter and poet.


Iron represented an infinite world for Simon Benetton since he was young; he came into contact with this element for the first time in the smithy of his father Toni Benetton.


He began his studies attending free courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. When he was 17, he created a sculpture of the head of one of his classmates. The original sculpture can be seen at the Simon Benetton Museum in Treviso.
He demonstrated an innate ability to create artworks with perfect proportions and forms already at a very young age. He later continued his training independently to focus on individual research.

During his artistic education, he was inspired by famous artists such as: Arturo Martini, the forerunner of surrealism, with artworks exhibited at the Bailo Museum in Treviso, Antonio Canova from Possagno and Henry Moore, an English artist who became famous worldwide thanks to his bronze abstract sculptures.


When a young boy approaches the art, he is influenced by artists that have brought innovation and new authenticity to this field. But later, it is important to chart one’s own course, creating also an own personal style. This is how Simon Benetton conquered modern art and made himself noticed among the great artists.

He was a sculpture professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata and worked together with state schools on the development and planning of programs related to art, creativity and manual skills from 1989, giving lectures and practical demonstrations to students.

The set design of several plays and ballets was curated by Maestro Simon Benetton.


His artistic career has continuously evolved: from figurative art to plastic vibration in space, from the module as a boost to space dynamics, from the plate to the macro-structure as an element and an expression of will and achievement of the modern human being.

In his late studies, sculpture took on a new dimension, projecting itself into the urban space as an expression of freedom and progress and then becoming the union of iron and crystal, symbols of strength and spirituality.


His works are installed in prestigious private and public collections, in more than 40 museums and urban areas in many Italian cities and abroad.

The dedication of Simon Benetton in studying three-dimensional art left a world-renowned legacy of material related to the history, the practice, and the future of the sculpture.

In 1970, he was invited to Venice for a solo exhibit at the Bevilacqua La Masa association. He received important awards also in Munich.

In 1975, he was invited to the Fifth Biennal International des Deportes en La Bellas Artes in Barcelona.

In 1977, he was invited to the Sixth Biennal Intenational des Deportes en Las Bellas Artes in Madrid.

In 1979, he was invited to the Seventh Biennal Intenational des Deportes en Las Bellas Artes in Madrid.

In 1979-1980, he participated in the first two Editions of the “Craft Council” conference in Hereford, England.

In 1980, he participated in the International Conference “Ferro come espressione d’arte” (“Iron as an expression of art”), promoted by Abana CBA and held at the Santa Cruz University (USA).

1986 New York, solo exhibit at the Rockefeller Plaza Warner Communication Building

1986 “International Conference on Blacksmitting” Aifred State College di New York;

In 1988, he was invited to the “International Conference of Sculpture” at the Trinity College in Dublin.

In 1989, he participated in the “First International Festival of iron” in Cardiff (England).

In 1990, he participated in the “International Conference on Blacksmithing” at the Alfred State College in New York.

In 1991, he was invited to the 21st Art Biennal in São Paolo, Brasil.

In 1993, he created the following sculptures: “Icaro” for Bonn city and “Molteplicità” for the Müller Business in Bunde, Germany. For Sydney, he worked on the project for the Medical Research Institute complex and worked on the artwork “Spazio Tempo”.

In 1994, he won first price with the artwork “Tracce della Memoria” at the 34th edition of Premio Suzzara.

In 1995, he was invited to Toronto by the Associazione Veneta and the Istituto di Cultura to create the work “Volonta’ di credere, monumento a Giovanni Caboto”. For the occasion, he held a series of lectures and practical demonstrations.

He was invited to the “Memorie ed attese” show in Villa Pisani for the hundredth anniversary of the International Venice Biennale.

In 1990, he exhibited permanently the work “omaggio metafisico” at the Musei agli Eremitani in Padua.

In 1998, he built the monument to work “Armonie” for Francavilla Fontana (Brindisi) and participated in the 27th edition of “Il muro dipinto”, Biennial organised by the municipality of Dozza (Bologna).

He was recognised as Paul Harris Fellow by the Rotary International Club.

In 1999, he received the award “I magnifici cinque” and held a solo exhibit in Cortina d’Ampezzo with artworks installed en plein air and the Civic Museum.

In 2000, he participated in the International sculpture Award “Terzo Millennio” and in the first Sculpture Biennial in Finale Emilia (Modena).

He held personal exhibits in the gardens of Palazzo dell’arte of Triennale Milano and presented “Colonna Infinita”, installed at the Bargellini Museum in Pieve di Cento.

He was conferred the “Treviso” award for culture by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Artisanship.

In 2001, he exhibited at the Parco del mare in Lignano Pineta (Udine).

He participated in the Topiary Art Festival at Villa Oliva Buonvisi in San Pancrazio (Lucca) and in the Biennial in Monterosso Calabro.

He received the 22nd International Award Fontane di Roma.

For the football world championships in Japan in 2002, he was commissioned “Fonte di Armonia”, installed at the entry of the ECOPA Stadium in Aino in the Ogasayama Sports Park in the city of Fukuroi.

The municipality of Cesena commissioned him the work “La grande foglia”, installed on the roundabout located at the intersection between Via Emilia and Via Firenzuola.

In 2003, he was invited to the 6th International Biennial in Monterosso Calabro.

He was invited to the 30th International Contemporary Art Exhibition Premio Sulmona.

He was invited to set up a solo exhibit at La Romanina Country Club in Rovigo.

He was invited to the en plein air Art Exhibition in Ferrara.

He was invited to set up a solo exhibit at the Galerie Schlassgoart in Luxembourg, Arbed Group Arcelor.

He was invited to the Art Exhibition “Carte Tracce Disegni”, organised by the municipality of Faenza at the town art gallery.

He participated in the Fierarredo trade fair in Bologna with the exhibit “Amore d’autore”.

In 2004, he was invited to the event “Forum Estate Romana” at the Foro Italico in Rome.

He was invited to set up a solo exhibit in Milan.

He was commissioned the artwork “Determinazione” by the Banca Popolare bank in San Felice sul Panaro (Modena).

He was invited by the municipality of Santa Margherita Ligure (Genova) to set up a solo exhibit.

He was commissioned the work “Oasi del tempo”, built for Polesine Innovazione in Taglio di Po’ (Rovigo).

He presented the work “Vive oggi il tempo remoto”.

In 2006, he was invited by the municipality of Melegnano (Milano) to set up an anthological solo exhibit from April until September at Castello Mediceo in Melegnano.

He presented the 1st Volume of “Catalogo generale delle opere di “Simon Benetton” (“General catalogue of the artworks of “Simon Benetton””), edited by Giorgio Mondadori.

The ANCE builders’ association in Treviso presented the exhibit “Arte per il costruire”.

In 2006/2007, he set up an exhibit at the Castle of Monte Albano (Udine).

In 2006/2007, he set up an exhibit at the Kunst Haus Arkadenhof (Innsbruck).

In 2007, he set up an exhibit in Cracovia at the Italian Cultural Institute “ItaliArts” – Contemporary Italian artists, traveling exhibit.

He set up a solo exhibit at the Art Gallery Sartori in Mantova.

He set up the exhibit “Pensiero e sorgente di luce” in Cavalaire Sur Mer, with works installed in public areas of the city and at the Maison de la Mer.

He set up a permanent anthological exhibit at the Studio Galleria personale in Treviso.

He set up a solo exhibit in “Il Borgo La Romanina” in Crespino (Rovigo).

He participated in Jesolo Lido Art in the City 2007.

In 2008, he was invited by Fondamenta s.r.l. to the exhibit “Luce e Materia -ricerca plastica e poesia dei materiali”, at the Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista in Venice.

He was invited by Fondazione G.B. Cima to set up the solo exhibit “Pensiero materia luce” in collaboration with Fondamenta s.r.l. at Casa Cima in Conegliano.

In 2009, he was invited as a Collateral Event to the sixth Edition of Arte Fiera Dolomiti in Longarone (Belluno). At the same time, some of his monuments were exhibited in the streets of Longarone.

He was invited to set up a solo exhibit at the Gellius in Oderzo as part of the event “I sensi dell’arte”.

He was invited to set up a solo exhibit with works in the streets and in the squares of the city of Pontedera (Pisa). He was invited to set up a solo exhibit named “Intimo dialogo dal ferro alla luce del cristallo” at the Esterhammer Gallery in Innsbruck.

In 2010, he was invited to exhibit the work “Pilastro Universale” in Urbino, for the “Piero Guidi – Spazio Arte per Urbino” event.

He set up an anthological exhibit at the Piaggio Museum “Giovanni Alberto Agnelli” in Pontedera (Pisa).

In 2011, he was invited to set up an exposition in Valencia, promoted by the Cultural Centre of Festival Sete Sòis Luas, at the Centru, Sete Sòis Sete Luas in Ponte de Sor.

He was invited to set up a solo exhibit “Armonie tra ferro e luce” in Nervesa della Battaglia (Treviso), with works installed in the city.

He was invited to Reguengos De Monsaraz (Portugal) for an exposition at the Castle of Monsaraz.

He was invited to Ceuta (Spain) for an en plein air exposition at Las Murallas Reales De Ceuta.

He was invited to Spresiano (Treviso) for a solo exhibit named “Ferro armonia del pensiero”, works by Simon Benetton.

He received the Genius Loci 2011 Award, in collaboration with the Genius Loci committee together with the Eventi & Cultura association.

On 16th October 2011, a palace “Palazzo Simon Benetton”, located in the historic centre of Valdobbiadene (Treviso), was named after him. Also on that occasion, an anthological exhibit promoted by the cultural Association “Papa Benedetto XI” was inaugurated.

In 2012, he was invited as collateral event to the eighth Edition of Arte Fiera Dolomiti in the halls of Longarone Fiere. At the same time, some of his monuments have been exhibited in the streets of Belluno. From September 2013 to June 2014, Arte in Fiera Dolomiti promoted his first exhibit of monuments in the squares of Treviso. On that occasion, Maestro Benetton offered two of his artworks to the city of Treviso.

From 3rd August to 29th September 2014, he presented a preview of his previously-unknown graphic and sculptural works from 1950 to 2014 at the “Santa Caterina” civic museums in Treviso.

On 13rd December 2014, presentation of his permanent graphic and sculptural works from 1950 to 2014 at “Palazzo Simon Benetton” in Valdobbiadene, seat of the Historical Archive. From 5th June to 29th September 2015, he presented “Vitalità e Germinazione della Forma”, a graphic and sculptural work from 1950 to 2014, at “Centro per l’arte Otello Cirri” and “Galleria D’arte Liba” in Pontedera (Pisa). The twelve permanent “Macrosculture Vivibili” are exhibited in “Teatro Era” theater and in the city center instead. On this occasion, Maestro Simon Benetton was bestowed the title of Honorary Citizen of Pontedera City.

From 10th July 2015 to 30th May 2016, “Jesolo Capitale del Turismo Forgia il ferro”, thirty-two installations with forty-two “Macrosculture Vivibili” in all squares and at the “Stabilimento Balneare Manzoni”. From 1st to 5th October 2015, he exhibited ten sculptural works at the collective exhibit of the “YA! 2015 – L’art de Vivre la Mer” International Modern Art with Andy Warhol, Steve Kaufman, Amedeo Modigliani, Giacomo Balla, Mario Tozzi, Filippo De Pisis and Vittorio Corona. From 7th November to 3rd December 2015, anthological exhibit “Opera Grafica e scultorea dal 1950 al 2015” at the “Galleria D’arte Sartori” in Mantova. On 25th September 2016, open air exhibit with 13 urban macro-sculptures “San Liberale art” in the San Liberale district in Treviso.

Art historians and critics showed an interest in his works, writing about him on newspapers, magazines and press reviews countless times. His biography is very extended and includes articles, catalogues, monographs. Documentaries and movies on his works have been broadcast on national and foreign televisions.

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  • 1994 Premio Suzzara
  • 1998 recognised as Paul Harris Yellow, Rotary Club Intern Fond.
  • 2001 “Treviso” award for the culture, Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Artisanship.
  • 22nd International Fontane award in Rome.
  • Genius Loci 2011 Award, Com. Genius Loci with Eventi & Cultura Ass..
  • Grande Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana, conferred by the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano.

Some public works:

1993 sculptures “Icaro”, city of Bonn;

“Molteplicità”, Muller Business, Bunde (Germany);

1995, Toronto (Canada), Associazione Veneta Culture Institute,

“Volontà di credere- Monumento a Giovanni Caboto”.

1998, “Armonie” monument to work, in Franciavilla Fontana (Brindisi).

2002, “Fonte di Armonia” ECOPA Stadium, Aino, Ogasayama Sports Park, city of Fukuroi, football world championships in Japan.

2002 municipality of Cesena, “La grande foglia”.

“Determinazione” for the Banca Popolare bank in San Felice sul Panaro (Modena).

He created “Oasi del tempo” for Polesine Innovazione, Taglio di Po (Rovigo).

“Giardino dei Filosofi” Odemira Portugal. UNICAMP São Paulo University, Brasil.

“Goccia D’acqua” Nervesa della Battaglia (Treviso).