The Simon Benetton Historical Archive is the general archive created by the will of Maestro Simon Benetton, in direct collaboration with the curator Artur Valerio and assisted by the Benetton family, given their deep knowledge of Maestro’s works and their close connection with him throughout his long period of activity.

As the only legitimate body responsible for verifying authenticity and archiving the works of Maestro Simon Benetton, the archive, thanks to its scientific committee, has the task of safeguarding and enhancing the entire artistic heritage created by Maestro Simon Benetton during his lifetime.

The “Simon Benetton Historical Archive” is currently located at the Simon Benetton Palace in Valdobbiadene, and works in close collaboration with the “Simon Benetton Museum” for all archiving activities and general coordination, protection, and preservation of the entire artistic work created by the Maestro.


In order to enhance the entire artistic work, the Simon Benetton Historical Archive not only safeguards the artworks, but is also engaged in organising events and exhibitions on behalf of Maestro Simon Benetton.


The scientific committee meets periodically in order to archive all the works of Maestro Simon Benetton and to promote cultural events aimed at highlighting the historical contribution that the Maestro has given to modern art during his over sixty years of artistic and intellectual activity.

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